We meticulously study angler needs and market trends, gathering feedback and conducting tests to identify opportunities for innovation. This ensures the Thunder 420 meets anglers' expectations.


Idea & Concept

We brainstorm and refine concepts, focusing on unique features and design elements that differentiate the Thunder 420. Collaboration leads to a clear vision that aligns with our brand and angler requirements.


Design & Making

Our skilled team translates concepts into detailed blueprints and prototypes, using top-notch materials and advanced manufacturing processes. It's crafted to our high standards for performance and durability.


Sales & Support​

Now available in the market, our sales and support teams ensure a smooth customer experience. We promote the Thunder 420 through various channels, offer expert advice, and provide comprehensive support services post-purchase.

Choose Ocean

Discover our exceptional rods at your nearest distributors. Ocean Fishing Tackle products are readily available through our extensive network of trusted distributors. Experience the quality and performance of our rods firsthand by visiting one of our authorized retailers. Your next fishing adventure begins with Ocean Fishing Tackle.


Find the Thunder 420, our flagship fishing rod, at our authorized retailers. Experience the power and precision of this exceptional rod by visiting one of our trusted distributors.

 Elevate your fishing game with the Thunder 420, available now at select retailers.

Sakana 270

Fishing Rods

We’re passionate about crafting high-performance fishing rods tailored to elevate your angling experience. Meticulously designed and rigorously tested, our rods meet the needs of both seasoned anglers and newcomers alike.

Ocean Boxes


We offer a comprehensive selection of storage solutions designed to keep your fishing gear organized and protected. From our versatile rig boxes to our convenient lure boxes and rod cases, we’ve got you covered.

Ocean Accesories


We prioritize dependable accessories to improve your fishing adventures. Our wide selection is meticulously crafted for durability and precision, guaranteeing you’re fully equipped for successful fishing trips. 

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